A small but very powerful and useful device. Shopping, eating in a restaurant is part of our everyday life. In our busy days a person can’t wait for a long time. A beacon can help a person to enjoy life in a smart way. An illustration will help to understand the concept.

Application areas:

  1. Smart shopping system.
  2. Restaurant smart service.

Smart shopping system:

  1. A beacon will be inserted, outside of a shopping center.
  2. When a person will pass by the shopping center, a popup message will come in mobile.
  3. Then interested person will enter into the shopping center.
  4. In each section of shopping center, different beacons will be inserted with a single sample piece of the item.
  5. When the person goes nearby a beacon, the offer will show in his mobile with all the samples.
  6. Person will choose a perfect option and transact money online.
  7. The courier person will come with the thing he ordered.

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