Lithium Battery Pack

EmbDes Design and Manufactures the Battery Management System along with the Battery Pack as per customer requirement. EmbDes BMS have the capability to connect upto 210 Cells in Series with the BMS.

General Details
1KWH Battery Pack

The 1 KWH battery pack is designed with 14 cells in series and 7 in Parallel.

The Overall dimensions of the battery pack with BMS is around 240*170*70mm.

Common Applications

  • Electric Bicyle
  • Electric Scooter
  • Electric 3  & 4 Wheeler
  • Solar application
  • Storage Application
  • Medical Equipment’s


White Labeling Possible : Yes

Customization of Battery pack : Yes

Only Battery Management System : Yes

Only Battery Pack : Yes

Only Enclosure : Yes


Product Features
Main Features

  • Monitors every cell voltage in series
  • Intelligent cell balancing (efficient passive balancing)
  • Enforces min. and max. cell voltages
  • Enforces maximum current limits
  • Enforces temperature limits
  • Professional and robust design
  • Monitors state-of-charge
  • Retains lifetime data about battery history
  • GUI to Monitor the state of the Battery Pack.

Battery Compatibility

  • Compatible with almost all lithium cells (0 to 5V)
  • Simple Setup for battery Pack
  • Supports 14 Cells in Series

Battery Calculations

  • SoC, SoH
  • Open Circuit Cell Voltage
  • Charge and Discharge current limits
  • Internal Resistance for all Cells and Pack

Cell Voltage Monitoring Specs

  • Cell Voltage Measurement Resolution of 0.1mV
  • Max Ind. Cell Voltage 0.5 to 5V
  • Total Pack Voltage 6 to 800V

Communication Interface

  • CAN / UART Interface

Protection Features

  • On / Off for Controlling Charge and Discharge Sources
  • Thermal Protection
  • Over / Under Voltage & Over Current

Data Logging

  • Tracks total number of battery cycles
  • Records detailed lifetime battery usage and environment

conditions internally

  • BMS Parameters can be logged using PC utility Software
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