Einstein A20

General Details

Einstein A20

Cubietech will operate another product category other than Cubieboard series; they call it as Einstein series. It’s also a relatively complete computer module, but with more potential feature expanding ability. Now we deliver the first member of this family Einstein-A20. With this product, the small company and start-up team can finish their prototypes very quickly and even run production with no trouble.

This Einstein A20 Board features Micro usb 2.0, Av and RF connectivity, Powered by the LI-ion battery Pack (included in the package).

It’s mainly for development purpose, Thanks to its low costs, and good open source support ambient, more and more developers can benefit based on it and would like to do lots of promotion work for it.

Product Information

Name: Einstein A20
Property: Software open source, Hardware open, Production materials closed
Owner: CubieTech Limited
Chipset: Allwinner technology A20, ARM architecture Dual-Core Cortex- A7
System: Android, Debian, Ubuntu and many other open source distribution…

Product Features
Other Specification

Operating Temperature     : -20℃~70℃

Environment Friendly         : RoHS

Radio Standard                     : Fcc & CE compatible

Board Size                             : 75mm*50mm*10mm

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