Our Products

Lithium Battery Pack

EmbDes Design and Manufactures the Battery Management System along with the Battery Pack as per customer requirement. EmbDes BMS have the capability to connect upto 210 Cells in Series with the BMS.

Face Shield

Face Shield is designed by keeping in mind to protect the doctors, health care workers, Police and other public from the Covid19 pandemic.

Coverage       : Front Face, Eyes, Nose, Side Face
Reusable        : Yes
Features         : Optically Clear, Anti-Fog, Light weight, Anti-Static, Increased Air Flow And Comfort

Who need this,

  • Doctors
  • Health Workers
  • Police
  • Public Workers
  • General Public

Why we need this,

To protect us and others from the spread of the Covid19 Virus which is transmitted during Coughing and Sneezing.

RO Power Adapter

Power Adapter is used to run the motor inside the RO/UV Purifier ranging from 36w, 48w, 54w and 60w DC Motor. It is designed to operate for wider AC input range 120 to 300V AC and to withstand the Indian power conditions. It is designed with high frequency switching technology which makes them highly reliable, cost effective, compact in size and light weight.

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