About Us


EmbDes Technologies is an Embedded System Company focused with B4B model for product development and Enhancement, providing POC Solutions for Intellectual ideas.
Started in the year of 2010 in Banglore, Silicon Valley of India with highly motivated young energetic core technical professionals with the objective of providing high quality and cost effective one stop solution, which/to enable(s) customer business.


EmbDes Technologies is an end-end Product Engineering service company in Embedded Domain. As an Embedded Design Service Company, we offer innovative and Flexible solutions/services in every stage of an electronic product development lifecycle, through competitive in-house capability as well as through strong result-oriented partner

  1. Product Realization

    Product realization from Specifications to Prototypes with Hardware and Embedded Software integrated.

  2. B4B Model

    B4B model with Agile process for development cycles.

  3. Hardware Platforms

    Hardware Platforms based on ARM, Power PC, x86, MIPS processors Families from Freescale, TI, Intel, Allwinner, RockChip,

  4. Wireless firmware

    Wireless firmware – using Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Classic, ZigBee Low Power, NFC, WiFi, protocols

  1. Embedded Application Development

    Embedded Application Development using C/C++, Android, QT, iOS. Cloud/ Server and Mobile based application development for IoT systems.

  2. Network Systems

    Network Systems realization using off-the-shelf hardware and open source software soultions.

  3. Diagnostics solutions

    Diagnostics solutions for Hardware Validation

  4. High Complex Systems

    Bootloader, Linux kernel and Device drivers bring up for high complex systems.

Our Mission and Vision

“Our Mission is to offer end-end Product Engineering Services in embedded domain to our OEM clients.”

“To be a ideal Custom Solution Development, Design service Company and to maintain a long time relationship with our Customers and Employees”

299Embedded Projects
150Product Realizations
110Network Systems

Brief History of Our Company

March, 2015

Reached 50+ Engineers

February, 2015
Operations @ Chennai,  Optical Network product development
FPGA Expertise Added,  MoU with SoNA PERT on R&D Activities,  Participated in EFY Event on IOT, ODC for Automotive Clients
March, 2015
Collaboration with Nordic, First product in BLE, 30 + Engineers, Extended Lab Facility
Addition of Mechanical Expertise, ODC on  Medical product Development. Product show case in CES las Vegas 2014
May, 2012
Engineering Activities on Aerospace Electronics,  15+ Engineers
Revolutionary Products development in Consumer electronics, 22+ Engineers
March, 2010

2010 Started with Two people with Basic Lab facility

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