Dr. Chandrasekar

Dr.S.Chandrasekar, Member – Technical Expert Group  at EmbDes from 2015. He is consulting in Power Electronics drive, Motors and High Voltage Engineering.


He has done several research projects to various Govt  organizations and industries. He has also developed several innovative products such as High Power Regulated DC power  supply, Power Electronics Drive for Under water application,  cable  fault locator, leakage current analyzer, CT Caliber and  PT Caliber.

He has published more than 125 research  papers in various International journals and conferences. His research interests include development of drive electronics for motors, development of high power regulated power  sources,  condition monitoring of power apparatus & systems, signal processing, artificial intelligence  techniques applications in electric power engineering and high voltage insulation engineering. He is a reviewer of several international journals such as IEEE Transactions on dielectrics and electrical insulation, IEEE Signal Processing, Journal of Electrical Engineering  and Technology, Electric power systems research,  Elsevier. He is also an international  editorial board member of Journal of Environmental Nanotechnology.  He also received “Research Award” from UGC during 2015. He is also a Board of studies  member of Anna University Chennai and Thiagarajar polytechnic college

Dr. Chandrasekar holds a B.E. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with distinction. He has  completed Masters in Power Systems Engineering with gold medal. He did Ph.D  from IIT Madras. He continued his Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Bologna, Italy from 2005 to 2006. He has 19+ years of  research  and industrial experience. He also leads SONAPERT, a power electronics and High voltage research lab. 


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