Alsatham is a Senior PCB Designer at EmbDes Technologies.

Alsatham has around 4 years of experience in PCB Design. He is high performing, strategic thinking professional with 4 years of experience in Embedded Linux, BSP, C. He is an expert in low level coding and ‘C’ Programming.


He has in-depth knowledge of high board design concepts. He has a rich  experience in design PCBs for many Signage Players, Network player, Wearable, IOT products.

His core strength includes developing cost optimized quality  design with timely delivery to customer, which is crucial for transforming and R&D proto to production level product. He was involved in designing High speed multilayer (Up to 10 Layer) PCB. Alsatham holds a Bachelor degree in Electronics & communication engineering from  Anna University. He started his career in EmbDes.

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