Our Team

Vijayanand Ganesan
Vijay Anand Co-founded EmbDes Technologies in 2010, a Technology Entrepreneur with 10+ years of global experience in creating Start-Ups, Engineering diverse Products
Sathishkumar Palanisamy
Sathish Co-founder and Director Engineering - SW at EmbDes Technologies. . A systematic engineer by practice, Sathish has around 10 years of experience in system software development.
Dr. Chandrasekar
Member - Technical Expert Group
Dr.S.Chandrasekar, Member - Technical Expert Group at EmbDes from 2015.
D Chandran
Member - Technical Expert Group
Chandran is a Member - Technical Expert Group at EmbDes from 2013.
Member - Technical Expert Group
MK is a Member - Technical Expert Group at EmbDes since 2012
Technical Manager
Sridevi is working as Project Manager at EmbDes Technologies.
Systems & Solutions Engineer
Kumar is a Systems & Solutions Engineer at EmbDes Technologies.
Sudipta Banerjee
Senior Hardware Engineer
Sudipta Banerjee is a Senior Hardware Engineer at EmbDes Technologies.
Senior Software Engineer
Balaji is working as Senior Software Engineer at EmbDes Technologies.
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